1960s, 1970s & 1980s

60's, 70's, & 80's Costumes

You know your clothes were hip in high school - so bring them back in style! Disco never went out of style and you can let everyone know by sporting any of our authentic-looking 1960's and 1970's costumes! Even though the 80's were known for big hair and bad fashion our retro costumes are sure to impress!

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  • Gumby Costume

    Green, mean, Gumby, machine is what people will say when they see you in this Gumby Costume.
    RENT $85.00
  • Blue Fighting Turtles Costume

    You'll be yelling, ''Kowabunga man!'' in this ninja turtle costume.
    RENT $50.00
  • Red Fighting Turtles Costume

    Replace those mutant ninja turtles undies with this full body costume.
    RENT $50.00
  • Cher Costume

    Your other half will be gladly singing '' I got you babe'' when you show up in this Cher Costume.
    RENT $30.00
  • Men's 70's Outfit Costume

    You'll be king of the disco in this 70's costume.
    RENT $55.00